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When remodeling a new kitchen, invest your time and energy to research and find high quality tiles to ensure a clean and beautiful appearance. Download free kitchen designer software to easily remodel your custom kitchen design. New kitchen tiles will help you keep the kitchen clean while enhancing the appeal of the overall kitchen design. Kitchen tiling for the floor and backsplash not only prevents germs and dust from collecting, but also enable an easy cleaning process after a long and messy time cooking. Coordinate the tile pallet design throughout the backsplash and floor and change the look and design of your new kitchen design to match the overall design theme of your home.



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You have a large variety of kitchen tile types and brands to choose from. The overall choice of tile for your kitchen should depend on the shape and size of your floor and countertop layout. Commonly used kitchen tiles for a backsplash include porcelain, glass, ceramic, vinyl and metallic. Recently, people have been buying special ordered kitchen tiling allowing a more custom look and decorative design. Be especially careful when purchasing new kitchen tiling and backsplash tiles to ensure you choose water-resistant, scratch free, stain resistant, durable and high quality to withstand heavy traffic while sustaining comfort.



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Ceramic kitchen tiling are made from clay and manufactured with extremely high temperatures. A backsplash tile with ceramic gives a tough and heat resistant surface for your countertop and backsplash. Other ceramic tile features include durability, easy maintenance, and highly appealing to the eye. Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of prices and allow you customize your design to meet your kitchen remodeling budget. Enjoy our wide range of free kitchen design pictures to help choose the best tile color and pattern for your new kitchen remodel.


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Another option when redesigning your kitchen tiling is metal kitchen tiles. These small tiles help create a unique and beautiful pattern design throughout the kitchen. Metal tiles are especially popular for a new kitchen backsplash as the overall popularity agrees on a wonderful new design. Metal kitchen tiling comes in stainless steel, bronze and copper. Also popular with new kitchen tiling is the use of porcelain tiles. Porcelain kitchen tiles are also very unique from conventional ceramic tiling. Porcelain tiles are less porous than ceramic and more durable with resistance to scratches, cracks, and chips.



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Glass and vinyl kitchen tiling offer a more distinct appeal while protecting the backsplash, walls, and kitchen floor. These come in a large variety of colors and designs with both a flat and glossy finish. You will also find vinyl kitchen tiling as more budget friendly for the true diy kitchen remodeling project. However, the quality of these kitchen tile types is less than the other tiling described above. Be sure to research several brands and find the best bang for your buck with a tile warranty to ensure long-term quality. These kitchen tiles are easy to maintain and clean after those messy cooking days.



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