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How much should you spend for kitchen remodeling cost? Try our easy kitchen software, allowing you to design a kitchen with estimated remodeling costs to print before you spend a dime. Without visiting your kitchen and hearing you tell me what you want changed, I cannot provide for you an accurate guess as to how much it will cost to remodel your kitchen design plan. However, I can offer you a number of suggestions for figuring out how much it might cost as well as a few ways to help keep the costs down while still getting the kitchen you’ve always wanted.



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Unless you're doing major construction, your appliances are always going to be your biggest expense, so remember, cheap and will almost always be cheaper than purchasing new appliances. The best way to get a reliable estimate about how much it will cost to renovate your kitchen is to talk to a contractor in your area and have him give you the estimate. Speaking of contractors, they are also the best way to keep your kitchen remodeling cost down. Finding a contractor that you know and trust and who will keep you informed about the on going renovation project will be one of the best ways of avoiding surprises and keeping your peace of mind.



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Almost all renovation projects, and especially kitchen renovations, start off on budget and are off budget by the second day of the project. A reliable contractor will keep you informed as to the surprises and give you options for offsetting unforeseen costs in another area of the kitchen. Before hiring a contractor, give him your budget, and then ask your contractor to break down the price of the kitchen remodeling cost into the following subsets: labor (both his and his subcontractors), kitchen cabinets, materials, and countertops, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.


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Ask him to give you an estimate of what percentage of the remodeling budget should be spent in each of the given areas, then make adjustments to those percentages as you see fit. If high quality appliances are important to you but high quality kitchen countertops are not, you want to make that decision before the remodeling begins. Make sure to make one separate category as a contingency fund. This is an important step for your kitchen remodeling cost. It should be between 5 and 20% of your total budget. Very few remodeling projects come in under budget when the final bill is rung up, and if yours doesn’t, you want to be ready and able to pay the additional amount. If your project does come in under budget, you now have a little extra money you didn’t think you’d have!


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