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Kitchen backsplash tile is the perfect blending of functionalism and decorative artwork. Kitchen backsplash tile combines strength, durability, hygiene and beauty for your discerning decorative taste. Decorating your kitchen backsplash tile with ceramic tiles is exciting since possibilities are limitless. Kitchen backsplash tile are readily available as finished designs for specific dimensions or they can be duplicated from any image to tie-in with your home’s décor. Before you design a backsplash in your kitchen, download kitchen software program for 3D remodeling plans and free designer pictures of tiled backsplashes.



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Ceramic is one of the most ancient used materials in history. Ceramic kitchen backsplash tile are enduring because of their myriad uses including flooring, bathrooms, fountains, countertops, swimming pools, fireplaces, doorways and any wall covering to name a few. Ceramic is easy to maintain and can endure heavy traffic. Today, the choices of kitchen backsplash tile are very extensive. Colors can be muted, as with natural and warm slates, stone, marble or granite. Or they can be as bright or as pale as any color in your imagination. The kitchen backsplash tile finishes and textures are also very varied. They come glazed or unglazed to accentuate the mood and function of your décor.



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Kitchen backsplash tile can help create and embellish any decorative style from Traditional, Contemporary, French Country, Mediterranean, or Asian. Kitchen backsplash tile designing leaves room for immense inventiveness and originality to create a desired style. Sizes for kitchen backsplash tile commonly are 4" x 4" squares. However anywhere from 2" x 2" to 24" x 24" is within the usual range of dimensions to cover a backsplash area. Mixing different shapes and sizes of kitchen backsplash tile ideas can create a wonderful composition, such as a landscape surrounded by a border.


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The possibilities are endless with the use of shapes such as hexagons, octagons, squares, diamonds and rectangles. Bas-relief tiles can be used as an elegant border to any diy kitchen design. In our day and age, the kitchen / family room is the hearth of the home, the social gathering center. The kitchen has limited space for artwork to reflect the essence of your personality. There is no better ingredient in interior decorating design to invoke character and warmth with practical functionality as with a kitchen backsplash tile.


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