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For some an Italian Kitchen decorating theme will put some old world charm into their kitchen and make it a place where the family will be willing to sit in. One such diy kitchen design with an Italian theme is the Tuscan style which incorporates warm earth tones along with natural materials and architectural accents that will give any kitchen a time worn look. But you do not need to buy any priceless antiques in order to achieve the Tuscan look for your kitchen. Below are a number of things that will need to be included when designing and decorating your kitchen in an Italian style. Some of the best kitchen design programs include custom made cabinets in the design tempates to help you visualize how your dream kitchen will look after remodeling.


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The colors for your kitchen remodel should mimic the colors of the Tuscan landscape such as rich golds, earth tones and sometimes even tones relating to the sea will provide you with the look you are after. If you are able to purchase some Majolica pottery (new or old) and use the colours on this to influence the colours of your walls and floors. It is important that you use natural materials like stone, slate, granite or terracotta for the flooring and countertops as this will only help to enhance the Italian look that you are trying to create. When looking for kitchen lighting for your Italian themed kitchen then think old world and steer well clear of any new or modern styles.



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Why not see if you can get lights that are made from antique wrought iron. But you can include recessed lighting for use as task lighting. It is important to get the right look for an Italian kitchen that you stay away from lights that have a shiny look, instead stick with those that have muted metal finish. It is very easy to buy accessories for your Italian kitchen design theme brand new today, but why not take time and scour your local antique stores for some real antiques instead. If you can look for old pottery bowls and pitchers as well as wooden bowls that have been painted or antiques. As a nice addition to your Italian style kitchen include some Majolica ware. Why not buy a whole set of this pottery to be have for everyday use. Enjoy free pictures of best kitchen light fixture design ideas, plans, and decorating tips.


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It is vital that you include lots of decorative jars in your design that have either peppers and ropes of garlic on them or peppers and grape vines on them. Then to soften the look up use lots of greenery (herbs in pots are a good idea). Every homeowner has distinct opinions when it comes to kitchens that are themed around Italy. These kitchens were acknowledged for their modern and great look. However, for many individuals, this type of kitchen brings to mind images of grand family events and occasions in rooms with an old-world feel. If you desire to achieve an Italian kitchen style, begin your home refurnishing task by procuring Italian kitchen cabinets.


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Before anything else, bear in mind that the standard Italian kitchen always integrates a rustic ambiance. Thus, they are welcoming and comfortable to look at. They also incorporate segments of the outdoor environment. Stone, terracotta, and other natural items and furniture will go well with this style. With a little kitchen area, you should avoid putting emphasis on the inadequate space by having your cabinets painted in deep, dark oranges, and burgundies. It is crucial to note that dark paint will make your small kitchen space look smaller because dark colors tend to absorb the light instead of dispersing it in the entire area. Select lighter color palettes integrated with warmer hues. If you wish to have rustic Italian kitchen cabinets, pick warmer colors that mimic the Tuscan countryside's sunset. Go for warm yellow and gold shades.



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