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A kitchen island design is a great way to add counter space and dining space to your kitchen. Kitchen islands add an elegant yet dramatic look to any kitchen design. Kitchen islands with seating are a great way to add extra sitting space in your kitchen and a great replacement for large tables that are rarely used. If you want to add storage space to you kitchen island cabinets are a great addition. Kitchen island cabinets will increase your storage space, allowing you to easily access your neatly organized pots, pans, and Tupperware. A stainless steel design kitchen island is also another good material choice because it is easy to maintain and clean.



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There are a variety of island designs for a small kitchen that make it easy to choose a kitchen island that will look best in your home.  Portable kitchen islands can be added to any small kitchen that does not have enough space for a stationary kitchen islands. Regardless of the type of kitchen you have there are many kitchen island designs to choose from that can add a beautiful, and functional, decorative touch to your kitchen. The best kitchen layouts with islands will be ones that have a U shape, L shape, or G shape. An L shaped kitchen island can be used to replace the wall separating your kitchen from the dining area. A country style kitchen island with breakfast bar is a great way to incorporate both more counter space and dining space in your kitchen.



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A breakfast bar islands tends to be for a small kitchen design, with enough space to prepare and serve breakfast to a small family. If you have a larger family, a kitchen island table, may be more beneficial for you. Kitchen island tables are a perfect way to enjoy dinner with a large family, or add extra dining space for entertaining large parties. If you have a smaller kitchen and would like to add more counter space for cooking and eating, a kitchen island with seating can replace your table and provide both a dining space, and extra counter space. Stationary kitchen islands are great for people with larger kitchens, but what about those with smaller kitchens craving more counter space?


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How to design a kitchen using free 3D kichen design software programs with downloads and best reviews. You can incorporate just about any feature into your kitchen island plans to match any design. If you would like to install a new stove top in your island, a large kitchen island will be required. If you would like to install a sink in your custom kitchen island, it is helpful to install a dishwasher next to, or near, the kitchen island because it will make it easier for cleanup. Kitchen islands can also be designed to include electrical outlets and custom light fixtures, making it easier to use your electrical cooking appliances without extended wires getting in the way. Online kitchen design software allows you to print a custom kitchen island design plan.


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 There are a variety of different types of kitchen islands that you can choose from that vary in both size, material and cost. Small kitchen islands will be less expensive than larger ones, however the material and additional features can add to the expense. Unfinished kitchen islands can be purchased and installed for under $1000, while custom kitchen islands can cost as much as $10,000. A butcher block kitchen island is an inexpensive way to add counter and storage space to your kitchen while adding a decorative and old fashioned feel. Purchasing a maple kitchen island will be less expensive than a cherry kitchen island. However, oak kitchen islands are much cheaper than both maple and cherry.



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