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Country style kitchens are a popular choice of kitchen design because of the feeling of warmth, happiness, and coziness it is known for. A French country kitchen has bright and rich colors with rustic accents that make it a popular kitchen design for many American kitchens. Anyone can achieve a French country kitchen design easily by choosing the right paint, furniture, accessories and accents. Transform your kitchen into a country kitchen straight out of the South of France today! Achieving a French kitchen design that mimics the country style kitchen you have seen in thousands of interior decorating magazines depends largely on the colors and accessories you choose.



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Natural light is a very important feature of any French kitchen design. In addition to natural light you can include some small wrought iron light fixtures to obtain decorative French country kitchen lighting. French kitchen curtains tend to be small, simple Roman shades. French country kitchen curtains are made of natural canvases decorated with designs such as toile, fruits, vegetables, and birds. Country kitchen curtains can also be striped or solid colored for a more demure look. Adding a kitchen island is a great way to complete your country style remodel. French country kitchen islands not only add a decorative flare to match your French kitchen design, but also add extra storage space and counter space to cook meals.



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The next important thing to consider when designing French country kitchens is the type of materials you use. French country kitchen designs use natural materials for the kitchen cabinetry, furniture, and curtains. French country kitchen table and chairs tend to be made of distressed woods such as pine for a rustic feel. You can purchase a wooden French country kitchen table that is stained and distressed and then add painted French kitchen chairs that compliment the color of your kitchen walls. Accent furniture that is painted natural colors to compliment your wall color will work great with any French kitchen décor as well as provide extra seating for your dinner guests. Most country French kitchen designs include tile backsplashes to add a rustic and decorative accent to the kitchen.


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You can get great country kitchen backsplash ideas from interior design magazines. Kitchen backsplashes designed with tiles painted with vegetables, flowers, fruits, and birds are commonly used with primitive country kitchen décor. French kitchen designs are also known to include roosters and hens, so including accent tiles with these animals will add a traditional and rustic accent to your backsplash. A country French kitchen is not complete without elegantly designed curtains and rustic cabinetry. Similar to the furniture found in country kitchens, French country kitchen cabinets tend to be made of distressed wood. Your kitchen cabinets can even be stained to match the color of your French country kitchen table. Country French kitchen cabinets tend to be made for vertical storage so most cabinets are very tall.


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Decorative French country kitchen chairs can even be placed around the island to add extra seating and dining space. French country kitchen accessories are the final addition to your new kitchen design. Copper pots and oversized copper utensils are a common and unique way of decorating French country kitchens. Country kitchen rugs decorated with vegetables and roosters are also great additions. Accent your cabinets and counters with country kitchen canisters which will a decorative storage space for non-perishable items. If you are having trouble coming up with country kitchen ideas look online for French country kitchen pictures to help you redesign a beautiful new kitchen.



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